Sunday, April 16, 2006

Why is Holling sleeping?

 Posted by Picasa Holling is usually very happy and lively. Today was bath day! John and I usually give Holling a bath every month. We hardly ever miss a month, unless it’s too cold to bathe him. Holling never wants to have a bath. He usually runs and hides when he knows that it’s bath time. Often I will follow him with some dog biscuits to try and get him to come out of hiding. He hardly ever takes the biscuits because he knows that he will have to come with me to have his bath.

After Holling has his bath, he will sometimes be quiet for awhile and then he often takes a little nap. After he wakes up, he usually forgives me for giving him a bath and then he’s always happy again. I’m glad that he almost always forgives me for putting him in the bath tub. I often wish that bath time was more fun for him but some dogs never like to have a bath.

Holling is luckier than some dogs that have a bath every weekend. He would never like to be in the bathtub every Saturday morning and I would never make him unhappy by giving him a bath every weekend.

Holling is always clean, shiny and good smelling after he has a bath. I’m always happy to have such a good looking German Shepherd Dog in my house.

Oh, I guess that Holling has forgiven me for his bath because he just woke up from his nap and here he is with his ball! It’s time for us to play ball.

We’ll talk to you soon!

Woof! Woof!

Holling and Sharon


At 7:06 AM, Blogger Erika Cruvinel said...

Dear Holling! You shouldn't be so upset about baths! You are a lucky dog. In Brazil, dogs must take a bath eveyr week because it is too hot. My dog runs and hides in his house when it is bath time, but he is always happy after it!

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Pantiphar C. said...

Dear Holling,
You're so cute. I miss my dog so much. Though he's a very fat and lazy bulldog, I love him so much. His name is Junior. I like to play with you sometimes if I have a chance to meet you Holling.

Pantiphar C.


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