Friday, June 23, 2006

The Update on Sam and the foxes

Hi Everyone,

Thanks very much for asking about Sam. We're going to answer your questions in this post with the picture of the fox. The little red fox in the picture is just like the ones that live around my town. In some parts of the town there are so many foxes that the streets are named after them. There's Fox Lane, Fox Avenue and Fox Boulevard. It's fun to see them playing in the snow in the winter time. Their fur is very beautiful.

Now to answer the questions about Sam! He's perfect again and you can't tell that he has lost part of his paw. The doctor did a very good job. Sam was born outside. He's unhappy inside except in the winter when it's cold and snowy. John brought Sam home 15 years ago when he was a kitten that someone had abandoned. We kept him in the house for many months, but he was very unhappy. We started to let him out to play in our backyard and he was a much happier cat, so we let him continue to play outside.

We have a big fence around the backyard and all the cats usually stay inside of the fence. Sam sometimes digs a hole under the fence and goes to play in the forest. There are deer, foxes, coyotes and brown bears in the forest near our house. I think that many of them are Sam's friends.

Usually foxes don't attack cats, but the fox that hurt Sam has babies, and she was probably trying to protect them. She lives in her den behind our backyard and usually comes out at night, although we have seen her a few times during the day.

Thanks very much for asking about Sam and me.

Woof! Woof! and his secretary Sharon


At 5:30 AM, Blogger Erika Cruvinel said...

These stories are fantastic! My students will probably never have a chance to see foxes, bears, deers, coyotes and turtles near their houses. It must be thrilling!

At 5:59 AM, Blogger sharon said...

Hi Erika and readers :-)

On Monday the police department called to say that we should be careful with our trash and any pet food that we leave outside of the house.

Guess what? We have a black bear in the neighborhood. He's been here for four days now and he's busy eating all of the grain out of the bird feeders.

We're not sure how he arrived because it's a long swim across the river for a bear. I wish that Sam could talk because I'm sure that he has met the bear in the forest and knows the story of how the bear came here.

Yes, life here in the country can be thrilling at times, but I'm worried about the cats when the coyotes and the foxes come around.

It would be good if we could all live together peacefully.



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