Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mr. November, the calendar pinup guy....GSRNE 2007.

It finally happened! The calendar is all set to go! When we went to the site and saw me as Mr. November, I must admit that I was proud. I didn't know what to do though when Sharon started to cry. It was kind of embarrassing.

We'd be thrilled if you'd consider buying some of the calendars for your friends as Christmas gifts. The proceeds go to help other German Shepherd Dogs like me to find their forever homes.

When GSRNE found me I had no home or toys, lots of fleas and other health problems. GSRNE took really good care of me (even though I don't like to go to the vet to get blood tests and teeth cleaning) and now I'm clean, healthy and happy.

Will you help so that other deserving German Shepherd Dogs have the same opportunities?

You can see pictures of some of the others who have found homes this year on the calendar website. I know some pretty good looking German Shepherd dogs!

Just one more thing about the calendar before I sign off - it's on sale for the next few days until December 2. You can save 20%. At that price you could buy at least two.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This calendar is a wonderful way for me to start the holidays. I can't wait for tomorrow and yum...turkey!

Bye for now! Woof! Woof! Holling


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